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When Nature Calls

Now when you need to lighten the load in the backcountry, you can clean up without leaving any trace behind.

All Contents Are 100% Biodegradable.

While Out In The Woods

Chop Some Logs

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down
Simple, Well Designed &

Feature Rich

The best thought-out products are always simple to use.


Your TP stays dry even when you can’t. Confidence in nature.


Only TP Kit with both tissues and wet wipes in a single package.


Available in Single Units or 10 units per box, the most convenient way to go.


So easy to hold while you do your business.


Each resealable package contains five 2-ply tissues and two wet wipes


Making sure that when you go, you leave zero trace.


No preparation necessary, just grab and go anywhere and everywhere.


Tissues and wet wipes are made from a cotton blend fiber


Why carry extra? No calories go to waste in the wild.
Never Afraid To Wipe Out

What Others Say

From East To West & Coast to Coast
-TP Kits are absolutely amazing! They’re such  lifesaver when I go on hikes. I keep them on me for long hikes and even quick day trips. There so small and lightweight, they fit easily anywhere. And a huge bonus is that they’re completely biodegradable! Everyone should definitely
stock up on these! Darrah J.

Hiker, Colorado Rockies

-I don’t bring many things with me on a trail run, but TP kits are essential. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost a shirt sleeve or sock on the trail. These are easy to carry during any distance even my long ultra races. I make sure to have these whenever I head out.

  Cody A.

Runner, Washington

-I love heading out for a long day of riding without having to worry about being close to an outhouse or restroom. I can go wherever the trail takes me and know that I am covered. It is so easy to throw in my pack or in a pocket of my camelback. It is such a great asset to have with me on any mountain trail, love TP Kits! Dustin W.

Mountain Biker, Idaho

What Every Adventurer Needs

 “I never leave home without my TP kits!”

Grayson L. Colorado

A Little History Of

How It Started

We found the best solution to an age old problem.

Dave and his two sons, Luke and Zach love the outdoors and head for the mountains whenever they can find time. Most times the were hauling their  dirt bikes or even their horses. Dave the forever scout was always prepared with his little container of toilet paper on hand, but his boys Luke and Zach never packed any and would steal his, like they do with all his stuff. While out on a trail Dave headed into the woods for a little privacy, only to find that his sons had left him with an empty container! 

After some shouted profanity and having to make do with whatever he could find, he came out mad and with an idea.

Prepackaged toilet paper, that you simply had to grab it, throw it in your pack and go, no preparation or forethought necessary, and even better lets include hand wipes! So with this idea in mind, he put Luke to work making it happen after many unfortunate situations and hours of field testing, TP kits became the reality they are today, the perfect companion for any adventure!

Customer Picture


 Have you ever used TP that falls apart as you use it? No big deal, you can just use another one. But, in the wild supplies are limited. I used these during an extensive hike near the Seattle area. Clean up like a champ!
Submitted by Carly Atkinson

Stop The Madness


Every year thousands of leaves don’t survive because their lives are cut short as they come in contact with unprepared humans. A horrific and unjustified death. But now there’s hope. Now you can take care of your back country business with our resealable packets containing biodegradable tissues and wet wipes.
You might be wondering what you can do to help #SaveTheLeaves.

1. Follow and share TP Kits from On The Go Products on social media posts

2. Use the #SaveTheLeaves hashtag on your outdoorsy Instagram and Facebook posts

3. Keep up with TP Kits to get your own!

A Clean Butt Is a Happy Butt.

 “Simply knowing that my butt is clean puts an obvious spring in my step “

Bob R. Wyoming

Don’t Get Caught Short

The Untold Stories

Everyone has a horror story of when they were stranded with no toilet paper. What’s your TP story?


Hiding your poop covered underwear in your cabin doesn’t help you to make or keep friends. Don’t be this hapless chap. Sharing your TP Kits will keep your friends.


Waiting for a rando with toilet paper to find you in the woods? Grabbing a quick and easy TP Kit would help to avoid this whole situation.

New York

There is some paper that just doesn’t leave you with a happy ass, because it simply isn’t meant to. That is where TP Kits come in with their soft two ply tissues.
Absolutely The Best

On The Go Product

Comfort & Hygiene Anywhere In Nature

TP Kits Sold

Happy Asses


Happy Customers

Mishaps Avoided

Customer Picture


I took this picture shortly before leaving for a trip to Mexico. These TP Kits are great! You no longer have to deal with sub standard TP that is small, easily punctured (oh no!), and which tend to irritate sensitive areas (you know what I mean). 🙂
Submitted by Loren Chavelle

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For over 5 years, TP Kits have been helping both outdoorsmen and women enjoy our beautiful country without leaving a trace behind.

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